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                 We offer Chiavari Rental Chairs for your Wedding, party and special event in Central
                  or west Florida including Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota, Clearwater, Ft. Myers
                  or other locations.

                Our beautiful Chiavari chairs will add an elegance and beauty
                to your event, whether it is a wedding ceremony, charity event, or party.

                We have Chiavaris in black, gold, silver, mahogany, and white.
                Cushions included come in black, ivory or white.

                Your guest will definitely notice and remember the difference.
                We take pride in offering the highest quality of Chiavari chairs,
                which are made of hard wood reinforced inside with steel braces to
                provide maximum support.

                We have a strong commitment to the importance of prompt and
                accurate service with your event being our first priority.

                We can provide you with references.  Serving most counties
                 throughout Central and West Florida

                        &nbs p;       We offer the most competitive prices in Florida.

                          Please feel free to make an appointment to visit our
                          & nbsp;           warehouse to inspect our chairs.


                         & nbsp;                    Please call us for a quote at (813) 948-8802
                          & nbsp;                   or send us an email at


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